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Periyar Maniammai University has been making commendable strides in its service to the socially and educationally disadvantaged section of the society, launching various service-oriented programmes. With 3 Schools of Studies consisting of 15 Departments and 8 Centres, the University aims to provide quality education to all sections of the society especially the poor and downtrodden. 9 UG Programmes, 21 PG Programmes. The talented and dedicated staff of the University, the innovative and technology-backed methods of instruction and the continuous, student-friendly assessment system of the international standard are the academic credentials of the University. Well-equipped laboratories, studios and workplaces with cutting edge technology add to the academic quality of the University. A serene and hygienic campus with well-furnished hostels separately for men and women add to the attraction of the University.


The Periyar Maniammai University in addition to its regular academic work on campus, is well known for its services through its need-based and skill-oriented courses offered to the traditional work force such as farmers, artisans and technicians who belong to the middle and lower middle classes in the society. With the rich experience of providing quality education on the campus, the University is now launching the Centre for On-Line and Distance Education (COADE) in order to take quality education to the door steps of the educationally disadvantaged people such as school and college drop outs, working women, and self-help groups etc. The COADE has its headquarters on the campus of the University and three Regional Centres at Trichy, Chennai and New Delhi for the benefit of the students all over the country.

What are the objectives?
The COADE has laudable aims and objectives in tune with the mission and vision. A few of the objectives are

  • To enable the school and college dropouts to further their education at their own pace and convenience.
  • To empower women especially housewives making available opportunities to learn at their doorstep at their convenience.
  • To enable those who cannot complete their education due to economic reasons to fulfill their desire to study further.
  • To make available to those who are employed opportunities for qualifying themselves further to better their career.
  • To make available education which is qualitative and affordable to those who have ambition to learn.
  • To provide courses to suit he needs of those who are at the lower rungs of the society
  • To provide courses which are need based and vocational with emphasis more on the skills/knowledge orientation.

Who are the Clients?

  • Those who drop out of schools and colleges for economic and other social reasons eg. petrol station employees, taxi drivers etc.
  • Those who work for low salaries but have desire to qualify themselves for better jobs eg. attenders in clinics, sales people in shops etc.
  • Those who have a lot of time at their disposal and desire to learn for qualifying themselves eg. women at home, small shop owners, members of the self-help groups etc
  • Those who are employed and want to qualify themselves for promotional prospects eg. grade 3 and 4 officers, in Govt. offices, banks, private agencies etc.
  • Those who are unemployed for want of suitable qualifications.
  • Those who can become entrepreneurs if suitable knowledge of relevant subjects and experience with practical knowledge is provided.
  • Those who are employed without proper training and expertise in their relevant fields or would like to enhance their knowledge eg. Call centre workers, proof readers in publishing companies etc.
  • All traditional work force in different industries such as building, tailoring etc.

Student Support Services

In order to provide individual attention to each learner, the COADE has devised the following plan of action:
Regional Centres have been set up at Thanjavur, Trichy, Chennai and New Delhi, where the facilities for the learners such as library, laboratory, and telecommunication network are available.

Academic Counsellor /Tutor

Students of a course will be divided into groups and each group (app.50 students) will be allotted a Tutor/Academic Counsellor (AC) for personal monitoring and counselling. He/She will be available in person at the University Campus, on the phone and online through our e-mail for consultation and counselling throughout the course of study. This is to ensure personal attention to the students, which is generally missing in distance learning.

Feedback on Assignments

The assignments will be corrected, graded and sent back to the students with necessary feed back by the Recourse person. Students can hand in person and get the feed back the same way.

Broadcast/Telecast/Web cast

The PMU operates its own FM, called Periyar FM, which will be made use of for announcements and clarifying doubts; in addition AIR, Trichy will be approached to provide broadcast time for the COADE.
The PMU has a tie up with Everonn Systems India Limited (ESIL) and has been provided with facilities for virtual classroom facilities for telecasting and web casting lessons/guest lectures/useful lectures from other sources for the benefit of the students of Distance Education.
The COADE has its own website, which will be made use of for web casting lessons whenever necessary. Facilities for using the lessons in engineering subjects available from IIT Bombay (Edusat Courses and Live Webcast Courses available from their Centre for Distance Engineering Education Programme) will be made available to the students, whenever necessary.
With the help of the facilities provided by ESIL, video conferencing between the University Campus and the Regional Centres can be arranged as a part of Student Support Service. The video lessons available from IGNOU will be made use of for the benefit of the students.

Internet Facility

Course materials will be posted on the web site of COADE for the students, which could be downloaded; in addition, students can send their assignments and get the feed back through the e-mail. They can contact the Academic Counsellor through mail too.

Access to the Library

The Periyar Maniammai University and the Regional Centres have well-equipped libraries with good collections and digital library access. Students of Distance Education, on registration, will be provided with ID cards with which they can access these libraries when needed. Borrowing facilities will be made available to the students during the Personal Contact Programme at the University Campus and Regional Centres.


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