The Computer centre of this college is well equipped with sufficient resources. It has

  • Computer Centre is open for 15 hrs a day including Sundays. Apart from central computing facilities, every department is provided with computers of latest configuration and intra net.

  • Apart from the main computer center, all the department are having individual computer centers

    • Net café & Internet Bandwidth have 150 Mbps(1:1) (Leased Circuit)
    • Campus Wide Wi-Fi
    • NPTEL Video Contents & E-Learning
    • DSP & Microprocessor H/W Lab, Simulation Lab , Multimedia Lab , Advanced Computing Lab & Programming Lab
    • CAD Studio
    • GIS and STADD Center and other facilities

  • Optical Fiber Backbone Connectivity around 6 KM with 10 Gbps Lan Bandwidth, Connecting Main Building, Periyar Knowledge Centre, Architecture Block , Periyar TBI Block and Ladies Hostel I , II & III , Gents Hostel and capmuswide Wi-Fi at a cost of Rs. 40 Lakhs

  • Satellite Based Learning System in collaboration with M/S. Everonn India (P) Ltd., Chennai, SAP & Digital Publishing Systems

  • Biometrics & Radio Frequency ID System for Staff Attendance Purpose

  • Online IEEE Journals

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