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Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science and Technology (PMIST) is committed to providing a safe, fair and harmonious learning and work environment. Grievance Redressal Cell was set up at PMIST in accordance with the University Grants Commission regulations 2012 (The Gazette of India, march 23-29, 2013) for handling day-to-day grievances related to students and parents.

Grievance Redressal Cell facilitates the resolution of grievances in a fair and impartial manner involving the respective School /Dept. / Office (dealing with the substantive function connected with the grievance), maintaining necessary confidentiality, as the case may be. Any stakeholder with a genuine grievance may approach Grievance RedressalCellat Centre for Students and Administrative Services (CSAS) to submit his/her grievance in writing or send through e-mail on

To ensure a fair, impartial and consistent mechanism for redressal of varied issues faced by the stakeholders;
To uphold the dignity of the University by promoting cordial Student-Student relationship, Student-teacher relationship.
To develop a responsive and accountable attitude among the stakeholders, thereby maintaining a harmonious atmosphere in the University campus;
To ensure that grievances are resolved promptly, objectively and with sensitivity and in complete confidentiality;
To ensure that the views of eachgrievant and respondent are respected and that any party to a grievance is neither discriminated against nor victimized;
A high-power committee handles the function of remedying of grievances. It is guided by the principles of natural justice while redressing the grievances. The committee will consider only formal grievances, received via email at dircsas@pmu.eduor in person, and put its best efforts in order to arrive at a right decision / amicable solution expeditiously.

The Grievance Redressal Committee consists of the following members

    Director (CSAS) convener
    Dean (Academic)
    Concerned HOD
    Respective class in-charge
    HOD IT
    Warden (AN & V) Hostel
    Public Relation Officer (PRO)

Functions of the committee:

    To provide with proper advocacy to stakeholders to express their grievances freely and frankly without any fear of being victimized;
    To analyse the merits of grievances and conduct formal hearings and investigation as the case may be
    To protect the privacy and confidentiality of all parties during the investigation, consistent with and subject to the policy guidelines;
    To obtain the facts through relevant sources in a fair and objective manner
    To ensure speedy disposal of every grievance application;

Any student or parentwhowants to initiate a grievance may,in the first instance,bring the issue to the notice of the Head of the respective school / department / office, who will address the issue and try to resolve it within 7 working days of the receipt of the grievance.

If, there is no response within the stipulated time from therespective school / department / office or grievant is dissatisfied with response / resolution to his / her grievance, then the grievant is free to represent his / her grievance to the University Grievance Redressal Cell.

If, the grievance is against therespective Head of school / department / office, then the grievant may directly submit his/her grievance in writing via email at dircsas@pmu.eduor submit in person at the Grievance Redressal Cell, to the Director -CSAS

Functions of the committee:

    Any aggrieved student or parent or staff member with a genuine grievance will submit his/her Grievance in writing along with necessary documents, if any, through any of the following modes;Sending via e-mail at

    Submitting a signed hard copy of the grievance complaint,in person to the Officer-In-Charge of Grievance Redressal Cell


    The Grievance Redressal Cell shall acknowledge the receipt of eachgrievance complainant immediately. In the caseof e-mail at the sender will receive an instant reply acknowledging the receipt of his/her e-mail.


    Upon receipt of grievance,the GrievanceRedressal Cell shall categories,analyse the merits of the grievance, and forward the grievance to the respective school / department / office / individual (dealing with the substantive function linked with the grievance) requesting them to enquire into the grievance and redress within such period as may be specified, in a time not exceeding7 days from the receipt of grievance complaint.


    Grievance Redressal Committee will make a thorough review of the redressal process. In case,the committee feels satisfied with the resolution provided by the respective school / department / office / individual, then it will intimate the same to the grievant.


    After the hearing or investigation,the Grievance Redressal Committee shall use its best efforts to work out a resolution of the issues involved with the parties named in the grievance application –pass an order indicating the reasons for such order, as may be deemed fit.


    The complaint shall be considered as disposed off and closed when:

    The grievant has indicated acceptance of the resolution
    The grievant has not responded within four weeks from the date of receipt of information on resolution

    The proceeding concerning each grievance will be recorded in a systematic manner. The information relating to the proceedings shall be treated as confidential and can be viewed only by the members of Grievance Redressal Committee, for the purpose of investigation.


    The information relating to the proceedings of grievances shall be treated as confidential and can be viewed only be the members of Grievance Redressal Committee, for the purpose of investigation.


    If, grievant is dissatisfied with the decision / resolution of the Grievance Redressal Committee, then he/she can appeal the decision to the Hon’ble Vice -Chancellor within seven days of the receipt of the committee’s decision. Hon’ble Vice –Chancellor shall provide final decision within thirty days of receipt of the appeal, which shall be binding on both parties.Students can email at

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