Zero Carbon Campus

PMU campus has around 4,500 shrubs and plant varieties, 26,000 native trees and endangered trees. Such thick foliage of vegetation releases oxygen of 8.4 tonnes per day and CO2 absorption is around 1.6 tonnes per day. Alternative building materials like hollow blocks, interlocking blocks, paver blocks are manufactured in the campus using innovative technologies to meet its own infrastructural requirements.
Periyar Paper Re-processing Unit is available for Paper recycling. Sources for the paper recycling unit are retrieved from our University and reinforcing materials (cotton waste) are added to strengthen the quality of the paper. The University always keeps pace with the shifts in technology like transition from fluorescent lamps to CFL and now to LED. International 5R’s (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover) concept on Solid Waste Management is practiced here.