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Department of Biotechnology


In convergence of various research areas in the field of biotechnology and to serve for rural developments through extension activities, the Department of Biotechnology came into existence in the year 2002.

The various laboratories for Genetic Engineering, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Bioprocess, Chemical Engineering, Inmmunology, Cell Biology are equipped with modern instrumentation facilities. The Periyar Technology Business Incubator (PTBI) functioning in our University premises has been facilitating instrumental requirements for most of our research and product developments.

The Department has been doing research in the areas of bio-manure production (vermicompost), bio-fuel, carbon sequestration using microbes, extraction and characterization of anti-diabetic compounds, utilization of herbal extract for kidney stone growth control, biofertilizer production, studies on regenerative medicine.


To become state of art department fostering biotechnology education and research to produce technologist, scientist and entrepreneurs for the benefit of society and environment.


  • DM1 To offer programs with state of art infrastructure, learning and impart training in biotechnology.
  • DM2 To develop graduates of highly skilled, with entrepreneurial, professional, ethical and socially responsibility to work in or create various biotechnology industries.
  • DM3 To pursue research as well as collaborate with biotechnology, food and pharmaceutical industries, academic and R&D institutions whenever necessity arises.
  • DM4 To contribute socio-economic developments through sustainable Bio technological intervention utilizing rural knowledge in health, food processing and agriculture practices.
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