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Biotechnology is a unique course in Engineering which has a well synchronized curriculum, between Sciences – Biosciences and Engineering – Technology. The phenomena of Biotechnology successfully makes several wide applications over Process Industries, Medical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Agricultural and Food Industries, and, Energy & Environment sectors. Biotechnology is also a field of applied biology and involves living organisms encompassing modern technologies such as Genetic Engineering and Tissue Culture Technologies.


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The Department’s faculty reflect decades of their experience at the highest level on their profession. Visiting faculty members comprising leading practicing Architects provides students an insight into the trends and requirements of the real profession, within the academic framework. The Department provides a conducive environment to the students to develop creativity, soft skills, and practical skills and apply them to the real-world design solutions. To motivate the students the department organizes regular workshops, seminars, case-study visits and skill-development programmes periodically.

We welcome you to the vibrant Department of Architecture as an undergraduate or postgraduate or research student and we hope to be a part of your successful career.

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Programme Overview

The curriculum of B.Tech Biotechnology is framed to provide knowledge on application of biological sciences over the processes towards commercial purposes or developing value added products, drug formation, improving quality of human life, agricultural, energy and environment, etc.

Also incorporation of Chemical Engineering phenomena with biotechnology curriculum and syllabus helps graduates to understand how biological substances can be set to form various industrial products.

Scope of Bio-Technology

Biotechnologists have wide opportunity in diversified fields such as :
  • Agriculture, Diseases research, Genetic Engineering, Eco-conservation, Environmental Control, Waste Management, Bio-Energy Production, Bio-Fertilizers
  • Molecular Biology, Vaccines, Animal Husbandry, Drug and pharmaceuticals, Food processing industries, Bio-processing industries Regulatory Sciences, Bio-safety, Bio disaster management



  • Atomic force microscopy, Gene sequencing, Microbial analysis of water, Qualifying analysis of soil nutrients.
  • Protein profiling, DNA amplification –PCR, Microbial cloning, Western blotting


  • Hands on Training to operate high end instruments.
  • Entrepreneurship training and development.


  • Highly Stimulating Research and Academic Environment.
  • BRIC – Biotechnology Researchers and Innovators Consortium – students association of the department.


  • Faculty members with diversified specialization in core areas of biotechnology like Genetic Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Biopharmaceuticals, Bioenergy, Immunotechnology, Biosensors, Bioinformatics, Clinical studies and Nanobiotechnology

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