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System and Network Administration

Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science and Technology (PMIST) recognizes the vital role information technology plays in the Institution's missions and related administrative activities as well as the importance in an academic environment of protecting information in all forms. As more information is used and shared in a digital format by students, faculty and staff, both within and outside the Institution, an increased effort must be made to protect the information and the technology resources that support it. Increased protection of our information and Information Technology Resources to assure the usability and availability of those Resources is the primary concern.

System and Network Administration is governing the use of PMIST computing and IT communication resources, the resources administered by the administrative departments such as Library, Computer Laboratories, Offices of the Institution, Hostels and Guest houses wherever the network facility was provided by the Institution.

Further, the entire faculty, students, staff, departments, authorized visitors/visiting faculty and others who may be granted permission to use the IT Infrastructure, and must comply with the guidelines. Certain violations of PMIST rules by any institution member may even result in disciplinary action against the offender by the institution authorities.

E-mail account has been facilitated to Employee and students under E-mail Use policy which is reviewed and maintained whenever the modification happens. Database Usage policy is governed by the e-Governance division of PMIST.


IT infrastructure has been spread across PMIST connecting 14 buildings with high speed network deployment. The computer network is built on CISCO and DAX switching platform running on 1 GBPS bandwidth. 1500+ IP enabled devices are connected to this fast network. As per the request and demand of PMIST faculty and students to use the network facilities for their research, teaching and learning process the network services are made available for 24/7 across PMIST.

Over 77 Wi-Fi access points are positioned across the campus to facilitate access to our students, faculty and guests while they are available in the campus. Seamless Internet access is given to students through with high speed and well planned Wi-Fi network at hostel rooms.

Number of students : Number of Computers available to students for academic purposes 3378 : 945

PMIST server rooms are designed with the features like environmental controls, fire suppression systems, cable management solutions, power system redundancies, and airflow planning. The raised floor feature helps to facilitate better cooling and cable management for the high speed network. The feature includes 4x8U racks and 2x4U racks, 15KVAx2 UPS with batteries, CISCO & Juniper Routers, CISCO & DAX core Switches, CISCO, DAX, D-Link distribution switches, CISCO & DAX Wi-Fi controllers, CCTV with remote accessing facilities.

The comprehensive infrastructure of PMIST includes 16 nos. of physical servers with 30000 GB of storage which is made available for the students and faculty within the campus. Our campus IT facilities are secured by implementing the best security solutions from Dell Sonic wall – UTM Firewall, CISCO and Juniper routers and Kaspersky Internet Security for the protection exclusive for malware, threats and cyber-attacks etc.

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