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Aerospace Engineering

Department of Aerospace Engineering


  • B.Tech – Aerospace Engineering

PEO's,PO's & PSO's

    PEO's,PO's & PSO's

      B.Tech – Aerospace Engineering


    • PEO1 Provide education in Aerospace Engineering with International standards.
    • PEO2 Promote skills in Aerospace Engineering and interdisciplinary subjects.
    • PEO3 Develop the competency as per the requirement of reputed organizations.
    • PEO4 Create research and development activities through projects.
    • PEO5 Stimulate adaptability in the Nation development through imparting knowledge and skill.


    • PO1 Apply the basic concepts of mathematics, science and Engineering in both Aerospace and other disciplines wherever it is required.
    • PO2 Proficient to analyze both technical and non-technical problems in different perspective with full concentration and effort.
    • PO3Design and develop creative smart solutions for various applications.
    • PO4 Investigate the situation and act accordingly to solve the complex & real time Engineering problems.
    • PO5 Utilize the most advanced modeling and Analysis software to design and Analyze fluid, structural, thermal, magnetic and aerospace related problems, which would save money, man power and time.
    • PO6 Undertaking research projects by applying structural, material,propulsion and aerodynamic knowledge which would be practically useful for the societal needs.
    • PO7 Apply Engineering knowledge to develop innovative concepts for the business sustainability without exploiting the nature and the environment.
    • PO8 Show Professional ethics & responsibility in profession without any compromise in the rules & practices of working environment.
    • PO9 Capable to work as individual and as a team wherever it is required and depending upon the situation to expose their skill & knowledge in the competitive world.
    • PO10 Communicate effectively with international clients as user friendly and able to prepare and maintain records, files & documents upto the industry needs.
    • PO11Manage finance, variable technical and non technical projects in different working environment.
    • PO12Engage in lifelong learning for the self improvement for the survival of the fittest.


    • PSO1 Apply automation and control techniques for aerospace applications
    • PSO2 Analyze and apply aerodynamics and propulsion related aspects in Aerospace Engineering.



      B.Tech – Aerospace Engineering

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