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1. What is Aerospace Engineering?
  • Aerospace Engineering involves design and manufacturing of Hi-Tech systems, hence the engineer requires possessing manual, technical and mechanical ability. This discipline specializes in designing, construction, development, testing and maintenance of commercial & military aircrafts and spacecrafts.
  • Aerospace Engineering is categorized into two branches – Aeronautics and Astronautics. Aeronautics specializes in Aircrafts, Missiles and Helicopters. Astronautics deals with Space Shuttles, Rockets and Space Exploration.
2. What will I learn in Aerospace Engineering?
Aerospace Aspirants will learn about the concepts of Aircraft, Rockets, Missiles, Space craft, Satellites, Drones, Helicopter and their Elements, Design, Maintenance and Manufacturing
3.Scope of Aerospace Engineering in India and Abroad.
An Aerospace Engineer develops, maintains and tests the performance of Aircrafts, Missiles, Satellites and Space Vehicles as per norms of regulatory bodies.
Analyze the issues that arise during the design, development and testing processes.
Modifying design to some inbuilt new functions and improve safety features.
Performing ground and flight-testing programmes on prototypes.
Estimate feasibility, predictability, cost, and production time of an Aerospace vehicle.
Write Manuals and review Technical Reports.
4.Job Opportunities:
Jobs in India: Aviation training, Aircraft, Space R&D, Manufacturing and Ancillary units. – ISRO, DRDO, HAL, NAL, ADE, Airlines, Airport and Private Sectors.
Jobs - Abroad: NASA, Boeing, Airbus, Rolls Royce etc.
5. About Aerospace Engineering of PMIST:
The Department of Aeronautical Engineering was established in the year 2010 and it was renamed as Department of Aerospace Engineering in 2012. The department runs strong undergraduate program in Aerospace Engineering, and carries out research in several areas of Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering. The department has good placement records of students placed all around the nation. The rest of the students are in their higher studies and some of them are entrepreneurs. The Department of Aerospace Engineering, has been awarded “Best Institute in Aeronautical Engineering (South)” award by Vijayavani National Education Leadership awards in 2015.
5.Why should I study Aerospace Engineering at PMIST?
Those students who wish to explore the space, fascinated about Aviation and Defence systems can join Aerospace Engineering.
  • The Department has well equipped laboratories and good infrastructure to meet the curriculum requirements and is managed by a dedicated team of teaching and supporting faculty of rich and varied experience.
  • The department has been involved in activities supporting our national ambitions in the field of Aerospace Engineering through various projects. Continued interaction with Air force station, Thanjavur, has led to mutually beneficial research activities by both faculty and Students through CETAT Lab.
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