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The Faculty of Architecture focuses on research in various domains such as vernacular Architecture, Climatic aspects, Energy efficiency, green and sustainability concepts, fire risk and fire safety, Historic preservation and conservation, urban Planning, Disaster mitigation and management , Building materials and Construction technology, landscape, Building management systems etc
Our Alumni are working at various renowned organisations/ Institutions like L&T, CPWD,ISRO, various Deemed universities, Architectural schools and Architectural firms abroad.
Design, construction and evaluation of solar passive Architecture incorporated in modern residential building in warm humid climate
“Fire Safety Risk Assessment in Traditional towns”. Research focus on assessing the prevalence of fire safety risk in urban built environment of old towns of south India.
A Framework for Assessing the Sustainability of Pilgrimage cities: A case of selected cities of Tamil Nadu, India: The research aims to provide a system for measuring the performance of pilgrimage cities in terms of sustainability under various dimensions and categories. This could help in identifying the strengths and deficiencies of these cities and the areas of immediate intervention.
Rehabilitation of disaster affected communities- Research focus on assessing the methodology and strategies adopted in the rehabilitation of Tsunami affected communities along the coast of Nagapattinam and Cuddalur district.
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