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1. What is difference between BSc Biotechnology and B.Tech Biotechnology?
BSc curriculum is framed with higher order biological sciences for the phenomenological understanding. In B.Tech the curriculum is framed as biological sciences are collaborated with various process engineering (especially chemical engineering) to develop the technology with green chemistry towards bulk or large scale production of bioproducts.
2. Where do we find jobs after B.Tech Biotechnology?
Both in private and government fields can get jobs in to chemical, pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, textile firms and manufacturing industries. Also can get jobs in research laboratories run by government and private sectors.
3. How much might be the cost of fee structure for B.Tech Biotechnology in PMIST?
PMIST offers various scholarships which would be vary from 10% to 100% fee weaving based on merits, first graduation from family, etc. Without any kind of scholarships the full fee would be come around Rs.94000 per annum.
4. What are the fields of biotechnology?
Health, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Aquatic, Food, biomedical, etc.
5. IWhat is the advantage of B.Tech Biotechnology?
B.Tech Biotechnology provides great opportunity to become entrepreneur easy where the small technical findings or product findings over the food, agri and cosmetics fields lead to begin business easily from home itself. Similar way “BIOLINE” is successful entrepreneurship derived through PMIST B.Tech Biotechnology final year project now reached the turnover in few crores per annum.
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