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Civil Engineering


1. Why should I study civil engineering?
High demand in the real estate and construction industry is expected by 2025. Despite such high demand, the sector lacks sufficient workforce to meet this demand. There is a demand-supply gap of skilled civil engineers. There is a massive demand for Civil Engineering professionals in the near future. A highly rewarding career is ensured after acquiring civil engineering degree.
2. What will be my contribution to society as a Civil Engineer?
Can we solve our energy issues? How serious is our water challenge? Is it possible to repair or replace our ageing urban infrastructure in light of the needs and challenges of megacities? How do we protect our populations from natural hazards and climate change?
You can begin to be a part of the solution and really make a difference on these major societal challenges by studying Civil Engineering.
3. What kind of career paths can I pursue?
Civil engineers can work as designers, consultants, and managers for corporations, construction firms, government, universities, research laboratories, insurance companies, not-for-profit organization, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
4. Will I be able to supplement the required curriculum with elective courses?
Yes, students take a number of technical as well as general electives as per their choice to enrich their knowledge specific to particular sub discipline in Civil Engineering.
5. Are there opportunities for hands-on learning?
Yes, there are many opportunities for hands-on learning through laboratory courses, Student Executive Programme, Consultancy Services and Student club activities.
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