Department of
Civil Engineering


Cutting-edge laboratories & facilities
The department has spacious laboratories with the state-of-the-art machiner and equipments including Computerized 100T UTM, Automized Compression Testing Machine, Non Destructive Testing Equipments, Pipe Testing Equipment, Advanced Soil Test Equipments, Total Survey Station.
Strength of Materials Laboratory
Strength of materials laboratory is well equipped with destructive testing machineries. This lab course is offered for Civil and Mechanical Engineering. The laboratory may enable them to apply the theoretical concepts of strength of Materials course. Various tests are being performed in this laboratory to know the mechanical properties of a material such as young’s modulus, shear modulus, hardness, toughness, deflection, fatigue strength etc. A Unique feature of this lab is with “Universal Testing Machine (UTM)” having capacity of 100 T and 40 T to test the steel material.
Environmental Engineering Laboratory
This laboratory offers the experiments related to Physico-chemical and Biological parameters testing for Water and Wastewater, solid waste and air pollution. It also provides testing facilities for research and analysis for the Researchers and Post graduates of environmental Engineering discipline.
Geotechnical Laboratory
This laboratory furnishes with all necessary equipment for Civil Engineering course. Research, consultancy and Laboratory soil testing works are being conducted in this laboratory. Different soil properties are determined by both field and laboratory test methods which are essential for the design of foundation and earth structures.
Concrete Laboratory
The laboratory serves an extensive range of activities covering those related to teaching, research and consultancy. Experimental studies related to different types of materials which are employed in concrete and testing of concrete specimens in various exposure conditions are being handled.
Transportation Engineering Laboratory
The laboratory includes every measure that impacts practical knowledge and carries out all the tests required for complete understanding of the subject.
Surveying Laboratory
The laboratory provides the experience in fundamental land surveying measurement methods for surveying courses, including methods to perform horizontal measurements, digital theodolites to perform angular measurements and Total Stations which enable to provide various measurements in single equipment.
Computational Laboratory
The Laboratory makes available various computing facilities to the graduate students, research scholars and faculty members. A high-speed Local Area Network connection through the Institute's central facilities, ensure that all students and faculty have the most modern computing facilities, including continuous internet and e-mail connection, to meet their academic and research needs. Besides that, the laboratory also has different software’s and packages for various disciplines in order to practice and gain knowledge.
Hydraulics and Fluid Machinery Lab
The laboratory run with the experiments including motion of fluids, demonstration of the momentum and energy equations, various flow pattern, viscosity measurement and engineering correlations.
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