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Commerce is considered as the backbone of economy, so all the work related to economy and allied fields are included in commerce stream. Commerce is a division of trade or production which deals with the exchange of goods and services from producer to final consumer and includes all the comprehensive process of production to consumption until the satisfaction of human wants. It comprises the trading of some economic values such as goods, services, information, or money between two or more entities and also functions as the central mechanism which drives capitalism and certain other economic systems. Real-world experiences are at the heart of the Bachelor of Commerce. Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science and Technology (PMIST) is offering B.Com and B.Com (Hons) Programmes with efficient faculty guiding students at every aspect of their course, Motivating to pursue professional courses like CA, CS and CWA, directing the students to prepare for CPT (Common Proficiency Test) exams during the course of study.

Graduates in commerce can get many government jobs opportunities. There are Central, State, Public Sector Undertakings (PSU), and other jobs available for graduates. This degree develops the students’ analytical, communication and problem-solving skills. B.Com, B.Com(Hons) and M.Com Programme would provide a global perspective on business and entrepreneurship, assisting them to pursue a career in banking, financial services, business and industry, government services and law or not-for-profit sectors. Internships and career guidance programmes inculcate the students to build high-level industry networks that could take them around the world. The programme focuses on supplying required manpower resources to the corporate world and to mould the future generation of empowered student community through sound education adhering to the underlying principles of an under graduate program of this college. The Program will foresee the coming days of the world and inculcate the traditional values keeping in view the scientific developments strengthened by moral and social responsibility.

To create knowledgeable professionals to face global competition and to serve the society for the growth of industry and commerce.
  • To effectively impart commerce education to the students.
  • To undertake consultancy and sponsored research projects with involvement of faculty and students.
  • To develop programmes of contemporary needs and establish global tie up to meet requirements of stakeholders.
  • To enrich the practical knowledge and encourage students to become innovative entrepreneurs for the benefit of society.
Admission 2024-25
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