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1. What I will learn in Mechanical Engineering?
Mechanical engineers learn about materials, solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, control, instrumentation, design, and manufacturing to understand mechanical systems.
2. What are the scopes of Mechanical Engineering in India?
Mechanical engineers are involved with the design, analysis, testing, manufacturing, control, operation, and maintenance of mechanical systems - that is, any system that has a moving part.
The major career opportunities for mechanical engineer are as follows
  • Manufacturing sector
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Design and Development
  • Industrial sector
  • Automobile sector
  • Aerospace
  • Refrigeration
3. What nontechnical skills does a Mechanical Engineering education at PMIST provide?
Beyond technical skills, a mechanical engineering education at PMIST will provide students with the creative thinking that allows them to design an exciting product or system, the analytical tools to achieve their design goals, the ability to meet several possibly conflicting constraints, and the teamwork needed to design, market, and produce a system. These skills also prove to be valuable in other endeavors and can help launch a career in medicine, law, consulting, management, banking, finance, and so on.
For those interested in applied scientific and mathematical aspects of the discipline, graduate study in mechanical engineering can lead to a career of research and teaching.
4. What are the Job Opportunities in India?
There is a great scope of job avenues for mechanical engineers in India. Few of them are listed below:
  • Aerospace industry- In aerospace industry mechanical engineers are used to do research, design, manufacture, operate and maintain the aircrafts.
  • Automotive industry- In automotive industry mechanical engineers are used to do designing, manufacturing distributes and performs marketing of motor vehicles.
  • Chemical industry- In chemical industry, they covers the oil companies, chemical manufactures and the business to build new chemical plants or to develop new process technologies.
  • Construction industry- In this field of industry the role of mechanical engineer is to design and build the infrastructure and buildings and its services like heating and ventilation.
  • Defence industry-In defense industry, they provide the equipments and provide support and services to the armed forces.
  • Electronics industry- In this field of industry, the role of mechanical engineers is to design and manufacture components and complete equipments for sectors from automotive and the military.
  • Marine industry- In this field of industry, the role of mechanical engineer is to develop the vessels and help to operate them.
  • Material and metal industry- In this field of industry, mechanical engineer performs the activities which include developing new material and manufacturing components or end products.
  • Rail industry- In rail industry, the role of mechanical engineer is to design, construct, manage and maintain the rail system component from train and tracks to electrical power system and train control system.
  • Utilities industry- In this field of industry, they help to supply the power, water, waste material and telecom.
Mechanical Engineering is one of the best engineering fields among all other fields and has a good scope of job avenues in future
5. What measures are taken to help the students in finding employment?
We have a well-organized placement cell doing commendable job year after year. We also conduct special coaching for improving the employability skills of the students. Emphasis on analytical skills and attitudinal changes is given besides the training in soft skills as well as communication skills. The college seeks accreditation from different bodies, sign MOUs etc. to promote employment.
5.What are the modern avenues available to a Mechanical Engineer?
Apart from the conventional roles and responsibility, the scope of mechanical engineering is leaping beyond its traditional boundaries. Focus is on new areas of research such as nanotechnology, development of composite materials, biomedical applications, environmental conservation, and IT Setups etc. Overall mechanical engineering offers a wide bouquet of job options to students who are looking for a stable and stimulating career.
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