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Department of Physics


The physics department was established in the year 1988. The department is having highly qualified and well-experienced faculty members. The department is carrying out various research works in the fields of crystal growth, thin films, vacuum tube collectors, Spectroscopy

The department is offering M.Sc-Physics, M.Phil as regular courses and Ph.D as full/part time program. The department is having a well-equipped laboratory, which fulfills the need of B.Tech, M.Sc Physics, M.Phil and Ph.D candidates.

Courses offered

  • B. Sc Physics
  • M.Sc Physics
  • M.Phil
  • Ph.D (Full Time & Part Time)

Salient Features

  • Practising e-learning & teaching for the students in full fledged manner and e-content CD distributed to all the first year students.
  • Submission of Mini Project by the students practiced to improve their scientific knowledge, and thinking level.
  • Hands on Training to operate Thinfilm coating unit.
  • Faculties Published Applied Physics book and Lab manuals for first year B. Tech students.
  • Well established and spacious laboratories
  • Department Library with updated books.

Research Facilities & Research areas

  • Spray pyrolysis research laboratory for PG students, M.Phil and Ph.D research scholars.
  • Research activities are being carried out in Thin film, crystal growth, Crystallography, material science, Solar energy, NDT and solar vacuum tube collectors.
  • Published papers in peer reviewed International and National scientific journals.
  • Opportunity to work on projects through the Periyar R&D centre for Solar and Bioenergies,
  • Collaborative research work with IISc, Bengaluru in the field of Shockwave Technology.