Veeramani Mohana Centre for Quality Life Engineering Research

Veeramani Mohana Centre for Quality Life Engineering Research (VMCQLER) established in the year 2009, aims to enrich Quality of life for the growing community of Engineers, Scientists, Practitioners, Consumers, Elders and Rural community through participation.

  • Medical Awareness camps and lectures on health care
  • Professional counseling
  • Blood and Organ Donation camps and Free Medical checkups
  • Seminars and Conferences towards sustainable health care
Diploma / Certificate Courses offered
  • Herbal Physiotherapy
  • Herbal Science
  • Acupuncture science
  • Scientific validation of traditional herbals and its formulation as per World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.
  • Herbal Drug Research - Extraction of Bioactive compounds and their systematic evaluation studies ( Pharmacology and Drug discovery )
  • Geriatric healthcare and Management
  • Nutrition and dietary management for Children, Youth and Elderly.
  • Psychological Counseling and Activities that promote relaxation and stress reduction for all ages
  • Providing affordable health care services, best practices of the Centre to the stakeholders.
  • Converging Public Private partnership and resources towards sustainable healthcare practices.
  • Telemedicine and e-health
In Associations with
  • Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai
  • Billroth Hospital, Chennai
  • GVN Hospital, Trichirappali
  • Rohini Institute of Alternative Medicine, Chennai
  • Cumbam Acadamy of Acupuncture, Cumbam
  • Thanjavur Cancer centre, Thanjavur