Centre for climate change (CCC)

Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science & Technology (PMIST) firmly believes not only in elevating the academic standards of Rural and Urban Communities, but also in societal upliftment. Our University has established the Centre for Climate Change in 2009 for the effective implementation of the Green practices.

Objectives Of The Centre

  • Spreading knowledge of climate change
  • Conducting Seminars / Workshops and awareness programmes
  • Ensuring eco friendly land-use planning and agriculture
  • Creating conditions conducive to Research and Innovation


  • The Centre offers M.Tech Environmental Engineering, M.Sc. Environmental Sciences and Ph.D.
  • Established ENVIRONMENT INFORMATION CENTRE sponsored by Department of Environment, Govt. of Tamil Nadu
  • First Recipient of “Karmaveerar Kamarajar Award” in 2009 from Government of Tamilnadu
  • Offers Consultancy works on Analysis and treatment on Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste Management and Bamboo cultivation.

Clean Thanjavur Movement (CTM)

The Municipal Solid Waste Management is an important extension activity of this Centre.

  • It has its origin from the Indo- German Workshop held in 2004 in this institution.
  • It is undertaking the Thanjavur Municipality for its cleanliness in coordination with Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science & Technology and being participated by Universities, Colleges, Schools, NGO's and Other Service Organizations in Thanjavur.
  • Clean Thanjavur Movement has been extended to cluster of Panchayats namely Pillayarpatti, Nilagiri, Nanjikkottai, Melaveli, Ramanathapuram, Vilar and Punnai Nallur in Thanjavur District for the installation of Biomethanisation Plant in association with District Rural Development Authority, Thanjavur.

Green Practices

  • Practicing International 5R’s (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover) concept on Solid Waste Management.
  • Installed India’s first 500 m3 capacity multifeed Biomethanisation plant which produces 60KWe energy from waste.
  • Implementing rain water harvesting techniques and harvested 80,000m3 per annum within the campus.
  • Reduced the CO2 emission with a quantum of 32,340 tonnes per year.
  • Bamboo Cultivation in PMU over an area of 10 acres under National Bamboo Mission Programme.


  • Design of Sewage and Grey water treatment Units.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Characterisation and Optimisation of different types of feed stocks for Biogas production.
  • Determination of biogas production using fruit wastes.
  • Groundwater Contamination Assessment.
  • Characterisation of the filter media and evaluation study on drinking water and Grey water purification.
  • Design and Research works in Solid waste management and Biomethanisation.

The Students engaged in the above projects have become EIA consultants and Analysts in the reputed organizations and Entrepreneurs.

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