Centre For Students and Administrative Services

Conduct students’ activities for the development of personality, organizing skills and leadership skills through clubs and societies.
Organize competitions, workshops, lectures and other programmes through clubs and societies.
Address the students’ grievances through the Grievances and Redressal Committee.
Form committees to ensure discrimination and ragging free campus.
Conduct of students’ council election in a democratic way each year.
Assist students in obtaining passports.
Prepare bi-monthly news bulletin and monthly e-news bulletin.
Collaborate with various professional bodies like ISTE, NSSW, INTACH, IEEE, SESI, AeSI, BES, INS, and CSI in conducting activities for the benefit of students and faculty.
Provide identification cards to students and employees of the institution.
Conduct institute level annual cultural festivals.
Work in tandem with student counsellor.
Form Student Discipline Committee and conduct enquiry whenever a student breaches the institute code of conduct.
Clubs Socities
1. Energy Club 1. Dance and Music Society
2. Environment Club 2. Debating Society
3. Humanist Club 3. Foreign Language and Culture Society (German, Chinese, etc.,)
4. Photography & Media Club 4. Tamil Mandram
5. Painters Club
6. Public Affairs Club
7. Rationalist Club
8. Citizen Consumer Club
Director – CSAS
Mobile: +91 9790001588
Dr. N. Muruganantham
Deputy Director
Mobile: +91 7904392171
Deputy Director
Mobile: +91 8248503532
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